A New Chapter Begins

Let’s pop the champagne to ring in 2013! It’s been a wild ride for indie authors since I started this blog in October, 2009. Not just for me, but for a lot of you who have taken this journey with me. When I started, I was a neophyte in self publishing and Internet marketing. My goal was to hack my way into the scary jungle, to blaze new trails, and to send back dispatches to help others find their way. The journey has been more exciting, and rewarding, than I ever dreamed possible.

My Thank You to Fellow Indie Authors

Many of you have expressed gratitude for my willingness to share what I’ve learned. That touches me deeply, because I’m the one who needs to thank all of you. I seriously couldn’t have accomplished all that I have without the growing community of indie authors.

You have helped me reach yet another milestone, however, where my personal focus and the focus of this blog is about to shift slightly. Rather than post exclusively about how to be a successful indie author, I want to add posts about a new phase in my journey. You see, a surprising thing happened along the way. Epubbing my backlist rekindled my joy for writing.

After  my last print book came out, I thought my muse was dead. Turns out, she was just sleeping. Well, she woke up a while back and has been very demanding of my time. Which brings me to…

My Thank You to Ebook Readers

Without you, the ebook readers, I would have quit writing. When I released my backlist as ebooks, I never expected them to be welcomed with so much enthusiasm. Your emails, posts on my Facebook Page and Twitter, reviews, and word of mouth have meant more than I can possibly say. As you fell in love with my books, you revived my desire to tell new stories.

I’m ecstatic to announce that 2013 will see my very first, novel length romance that will be completely indie published. This is a new phase in my journey and I hope to share it in a way that will be interesting to both authors and readers. Next week, I am scheduled to join The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, and I will use that as a way to talk about my upcoming release.

The Future for Julie’s Journal

I will continue to blog about effective strategies for indie authors, but I also want to blog about something more personal, my journey back to being a writer.

With much love, respect, and heartfelt gratitude,

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