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Texas romance author Julie Ortolon at her home in Austin.

Texas romance author Julie Ortolon at her home in Austin.

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to writing. Being born with dyslexia gave me a serious aversion to the written word. I didn’t even learn to read with any proficiency until my mid twenties when I discovered romance novels were worth the effort. I’ve been reading and writing ever since.

My first published romance novel, Drive Me Wild, came out from Dell in 2000 and instantly hit the USA Today bestseller list. I followed that up with eight more contemporary romances from St. Martin’s Press and NAL’s Signet Eclipse imprint.

For someone who once hated the written word, I find it ironic — and exhilarating — that my days are now filled with writing.

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  1. Nancy Richey says:

    Recently I discovered Julie Ortolon’s books and I cannot thank you enough. I am almost 62 years old, and had never read any of your books (I am ashamed to say!!!), but now I will read EVERY ONE of them. You are a great writer, and I enjoyed the first one that I have read (Almost Perfect) so much that I will be downloading everyone that I can find to my Kindle. I could not let the day go by without telling you how much you are appreciated by all of us out there reading your wonderful books. Keep them coming, and again thank you for writing!!!

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