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…..I’m a firm believer in pursuing dreams no matter the obstacles. Writing was definitely that for me! So, it’s hardly surprising I love to write about flawed but spunky characters who have challenges to overcome on the way to falling in love.

The Perfect Trilogy

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…..Life takes an unexpected turn for three women, friends since college, when they buy a bestselling self help book, How to Have a Perfect Life, written by a fourth friend. They discover their friend used them as negative examples of how women let fear screw up their lives.
…..I know! The nerve! The problem is, their friend kind of has a point.
…..So, Maddy, Christine, and Amy make a pact. They each have one year to face a fear that’s been holding them back from pursuing their dreams. Their journeys set them on a collision course with three sexy, irresistible heroes who are the perfect match for these three feisty heroines as they learn that falling in love is the scariest thrill of all.
…..Grab a copy today and join the fun.

…..“Ortolon breathes a breath of fresh air into the world of romance… You laugh, you cry, you cringe and laugh some more as her words painted upon paper bring the story to life before your very eyes. I can’t wait to follow Amy and Christine as they journey through worlds of self-discovery.” – Anne Barringer,

The Pearl Island Trilogy

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…..As a Texan, I’ve always been fascinated with stories about pirates and I couldn’t resist setting a series in Galveston to draw on its colorful history. In the Pearl Island trilogy, a brother and two sisters buy an old mansion to turn it into a bed and breakfast. The mansion is haunted by the ghost of their ancestor, Marguerite, who had an affair with a sexy pirate named Captain Jack Kingsley.
…..While converting the mansion into a thriving B&B, my characters run across clues that help them solve the mystery of Lafitte’s missing treasure. The real thrill, though, lies in following the unconventional St. Claire siblings as they each meet their match and fall in love. I hope you’ll grab a copy and enjoy these three tempting treats.

..“Ortolon’s protagonists must overcome some tough emotional issues before they can set their sights on the future, but their journey is laced with humor and even a little history (provided by the inn’s ghosts). Earnest and endearing, Ortolon’s newest is a heartwarming and at times heartrending read.” –Publishers Weekly

At Last

(originally published as Unforgettable)


…..Do you love stories where opposites don’t just attract, they explode with passion? You know, those stories where both the hero and heroine think, “Ohmygod, this is the absolute worst person in the world for me, but I can’t help myself”? I know I do!
…..Which is why I had such a blast writing about a straight-laced lawyer and an outrageously sexy jazz singer going toe-to-toe over the fate of a historic dance hall in a rustic Texas tourist town.
…..Even better, since I also adore romantic American standards, I was totally stunned and delighted when the very talented Barbara Calderaro agreed to record a CD featuring many of the songs my heroine sings. She and I became friends and mutual fans of each others work while I was researching songs for the book.
…..Be sure you order a copy of both so you can fully immerse yourself in this fun, sexy, and wildly romantic story.

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Other Titles


…..I’m delighted to say my first two books have become timeless favorites with romance fans. When Drive Me Wild, hit the shelves, it rocketed onto the USA Today bestseller list. Dear Cupid matched that success and won a Top Pick from Romantic Times Magazine.
…..I think what makes these two stories popular still is what made them popular at the time they were first released. Readers were expecting fast, fun, and fluffy, since romantic comedies were the order of the day. Well, according to the reviews, I delivered on the fast and fun, but I added layers of emotion that continues to win readers’ hearts.
…..I hope you’ll grab a copy and indulge in these two delicious reads.

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  1. Dominique says:

    It’s been awhile since Unforgettable was published. Are you writing a new novel?

  2. Thanks for asking Dominique. I took some time away from writing after Unforgettable to do some painting and traveling. I was a professional artist before I sold my first novel, so I needed to revisit that creative side of me for awhile. I am working on a new book, but I’m not at liberty to talk about the details yet. Hopefully I can announce good news soon.

  3. Debbie says:

    Julie as you already know you were my first Author I ever read… I own every book that you have written.. You are so talented. I love all the advise and cooking tips you give out and places to eat at… Thank you for being such a warm and loving person… I’m glad to have you as a friend . Your AMAZING..

    Thanks for all that you do!!!

  4. Thank you Debbie! For the wonderful compliment and for being such a great friend.

  5. Saralyn says:

    Julie! Seeing that you were writing a new book is amazing! I am constantly searching for a hint of something new from you. :-)
    It is amazing to read your work, and having pretty bad dyslexia you encourage me so much! Not only do I own all of your books, but you are the only author out of the mass that I would ever reread the same book…
    Love your writing, and your personal character! :)

  6. Thank Saralyn! Comments like this keep me going when the writing gets tough.

  7. michele says:

    I actually stumbled upon ‘Almost Perfect.’ Had to promptly get the other 2 in the series. From there I searched for more books you’ve written. Im currently on ‘Dont Tempt Me.’ I absolutely love your books. They are fantastic. My daughter chuckles because i seem to “inhale” your novels. I cant wait for more books by you.

  8. Haly says:

    I was wondering if Trey and Jesse from Dear Cupid were going to get a book of their own? I enjoyed Dear Cupid so much and their brief introduction and interaction immediately caught my attention. Will I be left wondering or get a better look at their relationship?

  9. Haly, my original plan was to write their story, but a few chapters into it, I realized it wasn’t working, so I set it aside. Now that I’ve released Dear Cupid as an ebook, however, I’m toying with the idea of writing a short story about them. Be sure and sign up for my newsletter so you’ll receive word on any future releases.

  10. Haly says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for the quick reply. I’ve signed up for the newsletter and you’re a book mark on my iPad, so I’ve got my eyes and ears in place. I’ve got Almost Perfect and I’m waiting for a quiet minute to start! Thanks again.

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