My Journey as an Indie Author

It was a year ago this month that my world changed forever thanks to the ebook revolution. April 2011 was when my sales exploded. I have been reeling – in a good way – ever since. This journey, however, started long before that. It started in the fall of 2009. Back then, I had one […]

Rocky Road to Launching At Last, the Soundtrack

If you read my last post, Making a Music Soundtrack for a Novel, you know At Last, my new ebook release from Amazon/Montlake, has a companion soundtrack. It includes eight romantic American standards that were recorded by the amazingly talented Barbara Calderaro specifically to go with the story (since my heroine is a singer). The […]

Gearing Up for RWA 2011

I just landed in New York City for the annual Romance Writers of America national conference. Wow how much the world has changed from last year, when the conference was in Disney World. A year ago, I and many authors, were just getting our feet wet releasing our backlist as ebooks. Now, several of us […]

The Power of Pricing and eBook Free on Amazon

I’ve had a wild ride at Amazon ever since they dropped the price of Almost Perfect, book one of my contemporary romance trilogy, to free. I know a lot of you have been asking how the heck did I pull this off. Anyone following the e-book revolution closely knows an individual author self-publishing an ebook […]

Ebooks: What’s the Right Price?

How many of you think the major print publishers are princing ebooks too dang high? I was firmly in the camp that believed they were until I attended the Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando where I heard some good defense for the publishers’ pricing. I haven’t been swayed completely, but I am willing to reconsider the matter.

How to Kindle Your Novel, Smashwords vs Amazon

If you want to sell your ebook to Kindle readers, is it better to go through Smashwords, or directly through Amazon? The answer: Both!