My Journey as an Indie Author

It was a year ago this month that my world changed forever thanks to the ebook revolution. April 2011 was when my sales exploded. I have been reeling – in a good way – ever since. This journey, however, started long before that. It started in the fall of 2009. Back then, I had one […]

Rocky Road to Launching At Last, the Soundtrack

If you read my last post, Making a Music Soundtrack for a Novel, you know At Last, my new ebook release from Amazon/Montlake, has a companion soundtrack. It includes eight romantic American standards that were recorded by the amazingly talented Barbara Calderaro specifically to go with the story (since my heroine is a singer). The […]

Agents Assisting Authors with Self Publishing, Good Idea?

As more and more established authors go indie, either by e-pubbing their backlist or taking new material straight to ebook, many of us wonder: What will be the agent’s role in this new publishing frontier? That conversation came up repeatedly during the recent RWA conference in NYC. Among the authors I spoke with, everyone agrees […]

RWA 2011 Wrap up: the Conference within the Conference

This year’s Romance Writer of America conference was an amazing experience for me. I actually feel like I just came home from two separate conferences that happened to be going on at the same time in the same hotel. There was the official RWA conference with workshops, agent/editor appointments, and publisher parties. Then there was […]

Dispatch from the Big Apple, Tuesday

Okay, technically, it’s Wednesday since it’s after midnight. I’m writing on my iPad by the light of a single lamp since my roomies are asleep. I’m hoarse from talking all day in a bar filled hundreds of women writers and my feet ache from striding around New York in some killer high heels, but my […]

Gearing Up for RWA 2011

I just landed in New York City for the annual Romance Writers of America national conference. Wow how much the world has changed from last year, when the conference was in Disney World. A year ago, I and many authors, were just getting our feet wet releasing our backlist as ebooks. Now, several of us […]

The Power of Pricing and eBook Free on Amazon

I’ve had a wild ride at Amazon ever since they dropped the price of Almost Perfect, book one of my contemporary romance trilogy, to free. I know a lot of you have been asking how the heck did I pull this off. Anyone following the e-book revolution closely knows an individual author self-publishing an ebook […]

Romance Readers Weigh in on Covers from Print Book to eBook

Romance novel fans are some of the most opinionated readers when it comes to covers. Now that so many romances from the past are coming back as ebooks, I’m dying to hear what readers like to see in ebook covers. Here’s your chance to share your opinions. You’re likes and dislikes could help shape to […]

Finding Time to Write While Blazing the eBook Trail

Guest Blog by author Patricia McLinn With opportunities such as this wonderful blog by Julie, authors are reaching out to each other to share lessons learned as we venture into, as Julie’s masthead said “the brave new world of publishing.” We’re rather like westward bound pioneers on the Oregon Trail. We listen to those who […]

How to Publish on Smashwords

Publishing your first ebook is a lot like sex. You can read about it all day long, even ask your friends, “what was it like,” but until you’ve actually done it, it remains a big mystery. So here it is, my friends, the nitty-gritty of my first Smashwords experience. Step One: Getting the File If […]