How to Create a Facebook Page

Since I wrote my original post on How to Create a Facebook Page, things have changed. So, here are the new instructions (written August 2011) for creating a Facebook Page. After the instructions, I’ll talk about why I created a second Page for my Pearl Island trilogy when I already had an Author Page. Step-By-Step […]

Adding a “My Books” Tab to Your Facebook Page

Guest Blog by author Patricia McLinn Some people play Facebook like a Stradivarius. Me? More like a one-fingered piano-player wearing boxing gloves. Then I saw a Tweet by Harlequin Presents author Lynn Raye Harris about how she’d created a tab on her Facebook page listing all her books, with cover art, plus links to purchase. […]

Facebook Tip: How to Hide Your Personal Profile

Recently, I’ve heard a lot of authors asking how to hide their personal profile page on Facebook. Today’s tip — provided by Novelist Inc. member Lauren Dane — will tell you how to do that. First, though, for those who are new to Facebook, I’ll explain why you’d want to hide your profile. Facebook has […]

Do Authors Really Need Social Networking?

In a word, yes! But don’t just take my word for it. Neil Nyren, Senior Vice-President, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of Penguin Putnam, talked about the importance of an author’s web presence in an interview at, a blog about “Mysteries, Murder, and Marketing.”

The Beauty of HootSuite

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about HootSuit, so today, I finally joined. I can already tell I’m going to love it! Now, I can post to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace at the same time. And I organized my Twitter lists so I can view several groups side-by-side. What a time saver! Or, at […]

How Twitter and Facebook Came to My Rescue

Before I braved the world of social networking, if I needed input on a major decision [like Website design], I’d simply bug my friends endlessly for their opinions…. This time, I decided to put my own advice from this blog into action and see what would happen if I used social networking. Wow, talk about Twitter and Facebook to the rescue!

How to Customize Your Facebook URL

This week’s tip is simple, short, and sweet. If you’ve an author (or anyone) who has recently added a Page (aka fan page) to your Profile on Facebook, you’ll love this. As soon as you have a minimum of 25 “like”s, you can change your URL from this:*4#&re To this: It’s really simple! […]

Facebook 201: Creating an Author Fan Page

Will everyone who finds Facebook confusing and frustrating please raise your hand? Ah-ha! I see I’m not alone. When I opened my Facebook account and started sending out friend requests to fellow authors, I kept getting responses back inviting me to join their Fan Page. I immediately thought, “I’m an author. I want one of […]

Facebook 101, Basic Strategies for Authors

Rather than write a how to guide for setting up a Facebook account, I want to focus on issues that concern authors, and that’s usually privacy verses promotion. (If you do want a how to guide, here’s a good one at When opening a Facebook account you need to decide what your purpose is […]

Authors, Protect Your Name from Cyber Squaters

As authors, our name is one of the most important thing we can own. In the age of the Internet it’s becoming increasingly hard to protect. Until a few weeks ago, I’d never even hear of the term “Cyber Squatter,” but boy did I ever fall victim in one of the worst ways possible….Basically, they’re holding my name hostage and they want $1,000 in ransom to release it.