How Twitter and Facebook Came to My Rescue

Before I braved the world of social networking, if I needed input on a major decision [like Website design], I’d simply bug my friends endlessly for their opinions…. This time, I decided to put my own advice from this blog into action and see what would happen if I used social networking. Wow, talk about Twitter and Facebook to the rescue!

Web Design Colors: Yea, we have a winner!

Sending out a big “Thank you!” to everyone who offered input on colors for my new website, which should go live sometime next week. (fingers crossed) We certainly came a long way from where we started. The colors went from to too staid, to too historical, to too cartoony. Then, finally, after much agonizing and […]

What’s Wrong with My Bookshelf?

I’m rolling my eyes over everything I did wrong with the most important page on my Website: The Bookshelf. This page should be simple, right? You display all your covers with links for readers to order books. Done deal. I’ve learned, on my site, it’s too simple! Because, that’s all I’m offering.

Why Google Hates My Website

I’m learning not to take it personal, because, well, Google isn’t a person. It’s a search engine. It just happens to be the most powerful search engine on the planet! … That’s a pretty strong argument for reasons to make Google love you—uh, I mean, your Website.