Anatomy of an Effective Tweet

A frequent mistake I see is for people to turn half the words in their message into hashtags in their Twitter tweet. Doing that reduces the tweet’s effectiveness. … resist the urge to put the # in front of too many words in the message portion of your tweet.

The Power of Pricing and eBook Free on Amazon

I’ve had a wild ride at Amazon ever since they dropped the price of Almost Perfect, book one of my contemporary romance trilogy, to free. I know a lot of you have been asking how the heck did I pull this off. Anyone following the e-book revolution closely knows an individual author self-publishing an ebook […]

Adding a “My Books” Tab to Your Facebook Page

Guest Blog by author Patricia McLinn Some people play Facebook like a Stradivarius. Me? More like a one-fingered piano-player wearing boxing gloves. Then I saw a Tweet by Harlequin Presents author Lynn Raye Harris about how she’d created a tab on her Facebook page listing all her books, with cover art, plus links to purchase. […]

Facebook Tip: How to Hide Your Personal Profile

Recently, I’ve heard a lot of authors asking how to hide their personal profile page on Facebook. Today’s tip — provided by Novelist Inc. member Lauren Dane — will tell you how to do that. First, though, for those who are new to Facebook, I’ll explain why you’d want to hide your profile. Facebook has […]

The Ebook Revolution Sweeping the Publishing World

People predicted it for years, but most authors published by traditional print houses tuned it out as annoying chatter. As recently as a year ago, I and others had the same prejudice against self publishing and ebooks that I had ten years ago…Well, my friends, the wave of the future has crashed over our heads. The world of publishing is changing even as I type this.

5 Tips for Authors Who Blog

Remember you have two goals when blogging. One is to interact with readers who are already fans of your books, but the other is to attract new readers who have never heard of you or your books. You can’t do either one of those if they can’t find you. It’s not enough to have a […]

Do Authors Really Need Social Networking?

In a word, yes! But don’t just take my word for it. Neil Nyren, Senior Vice-President, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of Penguin Putnam, talked about the importance of an author’s web presence in an interview at, a blog about “Mysteries, Murder, and Marketing.”

Secrets to Successful Blogging, Part 2

How to Increase Traffic If you blog it, will they come? Better yet, will they comment, interact, and come back? Authors, whatever type of blog you have, whether it’s an extension of your fictional world, a fun place for you to interact with readers, or an informative blog, like this one, here are five quick […]

Secrets to Successful Blogging, Part 1

To blog or not to blog: that is a question many authors face. Finding the answer is about as easy as answering Hamlet’s question on whether ‘tis nobler to live or die. I will say this, for all but a very few authors at the top, having no online presence in today’s Internet-driven world may […]

What’s the Point of Using Twitter?

“I just don’t get Twitter.” I have heard that baffled statement and cry of frustration so many times in recent weeks, I feel like there’s a cosmic echo. Most recently, I heard it from my good friend, Barbara Calderaro, who’s a fabulous singer here in Austin. (Barb and the Dave Cummings Band are the ones […]