Inventive eBook Promotion: Spotight on Kelly McClymer

I’m excited to bring you this next guest for two reasons. One, I designed the covers for the five historical romance novels she recently converted to ebooks. And two, this has to be the most inventive promotion idea I’ve heard in a long time. So, without further ado, here’s Kelly McClymer. Julie, thank you for […]

Inventive eBook Promotion: Spotlight on Marsha Canham

Help me welcome today’s guest, Marsha Canham, who’s here to talk to us about something she’s doing to help promote other authors, which in turn helps promote her. That’s an emerging trend I’m seeing with some of the authors who are having consistent success with ebooks. They cross promote with their friends. The challenge though, […]

Inventive eBook Promotion, Spotlight on Lori Devoti

This will be the first in a series of interviews with authors who are doing some inventive things with ebook promotion that I think can help all of us search for creative ways to prosper in the brave new world of publishing. First up: Lori Devoti. Lori, give us a little history on your own […]

Reader Poll: How Do You Find Ebooks

I’m about to do a series of posts on effective ebook marketing. Before I start interviewing authors, I want to hear from readers. I can’t make this a “click on your answer survey” so here are the types of things I’m hoping to learn from your comments. How Do You Find eBooks? Mention all methods […]

The Power of Pricing and eBook Free on Amazon

I’ve had a wild ride at Amazon ever since they dropped the price of Almost Perfect, book one of my contemporary romance trilogy, to free. I know a lot of you have been asking how the heck did I pull this off. Anyone following the e-book revolution closely knows an individual author self-publishing an ebook […]