Romance Readers Weigh in on Covers from Print Book to eBook

Romance novel fans are some of the most opinionated readers when it comes to covers. Now that so many romances from the past are coming back as ebooks, I’m dying to hear what readers like to see in ebook covers. Here’s your chance to share your opinions. You’re likes and dislikes could help shape to […]

Finding Time to Write While Blazing the eBook Trail

Guest Blog by author Patricia McLinn With opportunities such as this wonderful blog by Julie, authors are reaching out to each other to share lessons learned as we venture into, as Julie’s masthead said “the brave new world of publishing.” We’re rather like westward bound pioneers on the Oregon Trail. We listen to those who […]

RWA Recap 2010: The Future of Publishing is Ebooks

Finally, a conference with an upbeat tone about the future of publishing! After years of hearing gloom and doom predictions, I had, quite possibly, the most positive experience ever at a writers convention during this year’s Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando, Florida. Okay, so it was at Walt Disney World, “the happiest place […]

My First eBook Just Went Live!

After weeks – months! – of traveling this rocky road, I finally have my first ebook up for sale! Woo-hoo! I promise to share what I learned these last few days, but for now…Pop the champagne! Falling for You is available at Click Here to check it out and download the first third FREE. […]

Ebook Overload, Dealing with the Details

Republishing my first out-of-print novel as an ebook feels like running a marathon where the finish line is so close, I can almost feel the tape breaking against my chest — but, no matter how hard I run, I can’t quite reach it. A big hold up has been the ambitious project I mentioned in […]

Vote for Your Favorite Cover

I’m entering the final stretch for re-releasing Falling for You as an ebook for Kindle and Nook, which means I have to finalize the cover. I love everything about the cover I designed, but I’m torn about which font to use for the title. So here are my top two picks. Option 1 is fun […]

Taking the eBook Plunge, Self Publishing on Kindle and Nook

A tsunami is sweeping the publishing industry, with authors republishing their out-of-print novels as ebooks. I’m thrilled to say I’m joining the wave. As with all things connected to this new world of authors and the Interent, there’s a lot to learn! I hope you’ll follow along in the coming days as I make the […]