RWA, Pitching to Agents and Editors in the eBook Age: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

As romance writers across the country get ready for RWA’s national conference in New York, many attendees are anxiously preparing for their ten-minute appointments with agents and editors. Some published authors who have been down that path are offering to help their unpublished sisters perfect those pitches, while others are wondering: Why are writers even […]

The Ebook Revolution Sweeping the Publishing World

People predicted it for years, but most authors published by traditional print houses tuned it out as annoying chatter. As recently as a year ago, I and others had the same prejudice against self publishing and ebooks that I had ten years ago…Well, my friends, the wave of the future has crashed over our heads. The world of publishing is changing even as I type this.

Taking the eBook Plunge, Self Publishing on Kindle and Nook

A tsunami is sweeping the publishing industry, with authors republishing their out-of-print novels as ebooks. I’m thrilled to say I’m joining the wave. As with all things connected to this new world of authors and the Interent, there’s a lot to learn! I hope you’ll follow along in the coming days as I make the […]