How to Pimp Your Facebook Page

Authors, are you struggling with the appearance of your Facebook page in the new layout? Here are some quick tips to help you get a great look.

Cover Photo

As you’ve noticed, this has to be a horizontal rectangle. For my personal profile, this was easy. I just grabbed a snapshot from my iPhoto library of a flowerbed in my backyard. A landscape or sunset would also work well. Anything that has a horizontal section that looks good. You don’t even have to resize it if you don’t want to take the time. Once you upload it, you can adjust the photo up and down, but NOT side to side.

Custom Graphic

For my author page, I wanted a graphic in keeping with the appearance of my Website, Blog, etc. Here are the specs.

Start with 11.806 inches wide x 4.375 tall, 300 dpi. Get your image how you like it, then reduce to 72 dpi.

Final size: 850 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall

NOTE: When a visitor (including you) lands on your page, you frequently see only the bottom portion. Keep this in mind when designing your graphic. You want the image to make sense when full and when only the bottom portion is visible. Also, leave room for your avatar.

Here’s how my banner looked before I uploaded it.

Here’s how it looks when you land on my page and only the bottom of the graphic shows. The full image is there, but you have to scroll up to see it.

Custom Tabs

If you have tabs (multiple pages within your FB Page) you may want to create custom tab graphics. My tabs are:

To create tab graphics, start with 1.53 inches wide x 1.027 inches tall, 300 dpi. Get your image how you like it, then reduce to 72 dpi.

Final size: 111 pixels side x 74 pixels tall, 72 dpi

Uploading the Custom Tabs

I created my graphics, but had virtual assistant Jessica Lewis at upload them. Here’s what she said: “How to upload the tab depends on which app you are using. Some of them you just click on the app from your admin panel. Others you have to go to the edit page tab, click on apps in the sidebar, select the app and click go to app. The app I used for the My Books tab is Static iframe tab by Woodbox.”

Let me know if this helps, or you have any questions!



  1. Thank you so much for this. You truly are an absolute gem. It is the tabs I am trying to fix. Next moment I get, I am going to try this.

  2. Beth Orsoff says:

    Thanks, Julie! Perfect timing. Updating my FB page was going to be my weekend project. Now at least I have directions!

  3. Fran Baker says:

    Great looking page, Julie. I must confess that I paid Kim Killion to do mine and really like it. But I’m keeping your tips handy in case I decide to change it for some reason.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Julie. What program did you use to resize your graphics? I’d love to follow your instructions but don’t know how to do this.

  5. CC MacKenzie says:

    Excellent help and advice, Julie.

    I’m a lurker on Indieromanceink! I’m passing the link to this to my DH who does all this stuff for me.

    I must admit facebook drives me nuts with their constant tinkering and my author page is so new that now they’ve changed it I am totally lost with the new formatting of messages and time lines etc.

    Thank you for all your help.


  6. CJ Archer says:

    Thanks for this, Julie. I’m currently trying to increase my FB presence but not sure if I need a fan page or not. Your tips are great. I’ll need them when I update to the Timeline format.

  7. This is great. I had Kim at Hot Damn Designs due my cover banner, but I didn’t know anything about the tabs, etc. Will have to find some time to do more with the page. Thanks so much.

  8. Thanks Julie!
    As always you are so generous with your knowledge. I’ve been meaning to rework mine and this will make it even easier. THANK YOU!

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