How Twitter and Facebook Came to My Rescue

Anyone following this blog knows I spent a huge chunk of last week choosing the colors for my new Website. Before I braved the world of social networking, if I needed input on a major decision, I’d  simply bug my friends endlessly for their opinions. Actually, I still do that. This time, though, I decided to put my own advice from this blog into action and see what would happen if I used social networking. Wow, talk about Twitter and Facebook to the rescue!

How I used the Internet to solve my color dilemma.

Blogging and Tweeting: I started by posting color options here on the blog. Then I shrunk the blog post URL at love!) and e-mailed it to all my friends. I also posted it on Twitter with a cry for help using topic words like #webdesign as well as my usual #writing tags to attract Web designers as well as writers and readers. Within seconds, I started getting hits, which I could track through I got enough feedback through blog comments, tweets, and private e-mails to come up with new color options.

Turning to Facebook: Deciding to get my FB friends and fans in on the action, I posted the next round of color options as a “note” on my Facebook Page, then shrunk that URL at, and tweeted it in the same manner. More feedback started pouring in.

Ramping up My Tweets: Since I was so active on Twitter, I naturally started getting lots of new followers. So, each time I got a notice, I sent my new follower a direct message to say “Thanks for the follow” and included an invitation to check out my blog with the URL. Some of them offered the most feedback. How great is that? Brand new followers jumping right in? Love it!

Striking Gold: By day three the feedback was coming in through FB, Tweeter, blog comments, and e-mail. It opened my mind to color options I hadn’t even considered and helped me come up with a combination I never would have found on my own.

Cyberspace Synergy: This process proved what I’m hearing from a lot of savvy cyber surfers who know how to use social networking to their advantage. The trick is getting all the pieces to work together. Social networking isn’t all about chit-chatting with followers and friends. Nor is it about relentless self promotion. It’s about interacting with people who share common interests. Whenever that happens, the benefits come in unexpected ways.

How has social networking benefited you?

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