The New Covers are Here!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve decided to give the Pearl Island Trilogy a fresh new look. When I first released these stories as ebooks, I was limited to stock art. Finding images that worked was very difficult. I was also trying to stick with a look that was similar to the original print edition published by St. Martin’s Press. I think they turned out well.

Pearl Island Trilogy Covers

Print Editions, Audiobooks, and A New Release Means Time for a Change

For the past year, I’ve been working on a new book for this popular series about the spirited St. Claire siblings opening a B&B on an island near Galveston. I’ve also been producing all three original titles and the new title, Lie to Me, as audiobooks and print books. I couldn’t use the original covers for a print edition because of the low resolution of the images. Besides, times have changed. Today, it’s much easier to get exclusive rights to custom images. I decided to work with a design team and come up with a fresh new look for the whole series.

The New Covers, Coming September 24th

Here are the new covers for the print editions, ebooks, and audiobooks. If all goes well, and I’m working like crazy to make sure it does, all this will go live on September 24. That’s less than two weeks from today. Yikes!

Covers for Pearl Island series books 1 - 3

Cover Reveal for the New Title!

Cover for Lie to Me book 4 in the Pearl Island series by Julie OrtolonNow for the most exciting news: Here’s the cover for the new title, Lie to Me, book 4 in the series. I think it’s gorgeous. The pose conveys the emotion and sizzle of the story, but the color palette keeps it light and fun.

About Lie to Me the Story

Those of you who read Book 2 in the series, Lead Me On, have already met the heroine of Lie to Me. Chloe was Scott’s twelve-year-old niece. Well, the spunky tomboy is all grown up and ready for her own romance.

Enter Luc Renard, the founder of a computer gaming company who had a painful crush on Chloe back in school, before he transformed his outer self from geeky to gorgeous. The fun part of having a hero who’s into gaming is it let me sprinkle in little bits of pirates and knights even though the story is firmly a contemporary romance. (Excerpt coming soon to my website.)

Release Dates

The ebook and print editions of Lie to Me go On Sale September 24.
New ebook covers, print editions, and audiobook for Falling for You, Lead Me On, and Don’t Tempt Me also go ON SALE September 24.
Audiobook of Lie to Me coming in October!

Want to pre-order?

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 So, let me know, how excited are you to have a new book set on Pearl Island?

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