Pearl Island Gets a New Look

I have great news for fans of the Pearl Island series. I’m finishing up a new story, Lie to Me, which will be Book 4 in this popular series about the colorful St. Claire siblings who run a bed and breakfast in Galveston, Texas. In honor of the new release, I’ve decided to give the whole series a fresh new look.

Here are the current ebook covers. I really do love them, but it’s time for a change. Not only will there be a brand new story, the whole series will soon be available as trade-size paperbacks and in audiobooks.

Pearl Island Trilogy Covers

The Original Ebook Covers for the Pearl Island Series

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Going with Exclusive Images

Another reason for the change is that I used stock art on the original covers. I’ve been fortunate that the images I chose haven’t shown up on numerous other covers, but I don’t want to risk that with the new covers. So, I hired Jimmy Thomas with Romance Novel Covers to do custom photos with exclusive use rights for the new covers.

I filled out an extensive questionnaire describing exactly what I wanted for each shot. The next step was picking which female model I wanted to be in each shot with Jimmy. I had no idea going in how time-intensive that was going to be. Jimmy sent links for numerous model portfolios. We spent weeks going back and forth until we finally had the models for the shots.

Choosing the Final Image

Now comes the fun part! The shoots are done and Jimmy has started sending proofs for me to pick which image I want for each cover. First up is the new book, Lie to Me. Keep in mind, these are proofs. In the final image, my hero will have blond hair. (Yes, they can do that.)

Votes, Please! Which photo do you like better for the cover for Lie to Me?

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Option 1                                                                                Option 2

Photo Option One

.Photo Option for Lie to Me


  1. Melissa Eggenberger says:

    There’s just something so raw about option #2, It’s more the man “taking charge of the moment whereas #1 is more the female”taking charge” of the moment. And we all what that hot amazing man to want us the way it looks as if he wants her in this shot.

  2. Dodie Bares says:

    I vote for cover A. With the faces obscure, it gives more imaginationto the reader.

  3. Judy c says:

    My pick is A

  4. Cindy A says:

    Of the two, option2. BUT, I still like the concept of the first 3.

  5. Peggy oney says:

    I like the A, her body is sexier. B shows too much of her face. However I like the picture of him on b, even the placement of his hand. Good luck!!

  6. Karen M says:

    While they both have their pros, I prefer A because I like when the faces are obscured. I like to use my imagination!

  7. Glenda says:

    B I like seeing his face.

  8. Patricia Greco says:

    Option 2.

  9. Kay Pflueger says:

    I prefer option A. There is a feeling of intimacy that I don’t get from option B.

  10. Luisa says:

    It’s so hard I like both …ok will be two

  11. Linda Krob says:

    Cover 2

  12. John Brooks says:

    Based on the title of your book I would pick Option 2. What I see in that photo is a conversation in which he is telling her something that she seems hesitant to accept.
    Body language can be deceptive but tells you much more than words often do.

  13. Vicky Stevens says:

    I feel the “Intimacy, Hunger , Desire” in option “A” – needless to say I prefer option A.

  14. Tina Simon says:

    I like option 1 as well. :)

  15. Annie says:

    Being a hopeless romantic, I prefer Option 1. Option 2 seems more tense where 1 just screams romance.

  16. Thank for all this great input! It’s helping a lot.

  17. Elin Griggs says:

    I like Option A.

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