The Beauty of HootSuite

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about HootSuit, so today, I finally joined. I can already tell I’m going to love it! Now, I can post to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace at the same time. And I organized my Twitter lists so I can view several groups side-by-side. What a time saver! Or, at least, it will be now that I have it all set up. That was like jumping through hoops.

Update, since yesterday, HootSuite has “show conversation”: One of the things I found cumbersome at Twitter was trying to carry on a conversation through replying back and forth. Then, while playing around on HootSuite, I realized that if you reply to a friend’s tweet, a little link appears that says “show conversation.” Click on that, and you get to see all the back-and-forth replies grouped together. Totally love that!

So, are you on HootSuite? Or do you use a different service, like TweetDeck? What is your favorite way to stay hooked in to your social networking sites?


  1. Julie,

    I use tweetdeck and love it. I normally have it up and running all day long. I get to keep up with everyone that I love and still get some writing done (unless something really interesting happens to distract me).

  2. I had a hard time picking between TweetDeck and HootSuite, but I’m loving HS now that I have it set up. I organized my Twitter lists so I can follow various groups side-by-side. I especially like the “show conversation” option. Does TweetDesk have that?

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