Twitter Tips: How to Create Lists

Anyone using Twitter knows: It moves really fast! If you’re following more than a handful of people, there’s no way to keep up with that many tweets, even if you sat before your computer screen 24/7. Or, unless – drum roll please – you’ve discovered the beauty of “lists.” Ah, the genius, the simplicity of lists. They speak to my neat-nick soul. They also allow me to actually follow people, not just add people to one, long ever-growing list in the hope that I will in turn collect more followers.

Here’s how lists works:

We should all know the three buttons shown here. They are: Follow, Lists, and Action. Anytime you’re fluttering through Twitter Land and you see someone you want to follow, you click the Follow icon. Most people stop with that. Don’t. Take one extra second to click on the Lists icon and add that person to a list. To create your lists, simply click the icon and select “new list,” then name your list whatever you want. You can edit the name anytime you like. And, you can create as many lists as you need.

Why use lists?

Lists allow you to sort through miles of tweets however you wish, like switching channels on the radio. Once you have your lists, they’ll appear in your right sidebar and look like this: @YourName/whatever. As you click on each list name, you’ll see only the tweets by people in that list. Genius! I love this option. Check out my lists in the side bar on my Twitter profile page.

If I want to check in with my author friends, I click “writers and readers.” If I’m trying to get inspiration for dinner, I click “food and fun.” Love it!

Following other people’s lists:

Let’s say you swing by my Twitter page, like one of my lists, and want to follow it as well. Just click “follow this list.”

Already following tons of people but have no lists?

Not a problem. Near the top of your right sidebar, click on “following.” Then go through your big, main list and organize everyone. You can assign one person to as many lists as you like.

Yes, the first big wave of doing this can be time consuming, but hey, we’re writers, we love to procrastinate. Procrastination cures writer’s block, right? Okay, maybe not. Still, I encourage you to take the time to do this. You’ll get a lot more out of Twitter once it’s done, and keeping up with it afterwards is a snap.

That’s it for now. Happy tweeting!

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