Twitter Tips: How to Use Hashtags

Do you want to get your tweets seen by the world at large and build masses of followers? Well, here’s a tip I stumbled upon just by playing, and I LOVE HASHTAGS! It’s so simple, but so powerful. Normally, if you post a tweet, it’s only visible to people who are following you. Unless someone retweets it, then it’s visible to their followers. BUT, if you use hashtags, your tweets will be visible to untold thousands of tweeters who share your same interests.

How to Use Hashtags

It’s so simple! Just insert the # symbol before keywords. Since my goal on Twitter is to meet readers and writers who love romance novels, those are the hashtags I want to focus on. So anytime I use those words in a tweet, I’d insert the # symbol.

Example: I want to meet #readers and #writers who love #romance #novels.

That will turn each of those words into a link. Click on one and you will go to a page that shows all the tweets from around the world that contain that hashtag.

How to Choose and Find Hashtags

As soon as you’re on a hashtag page, pay attention to what hashtags other tweeters are using. A single letter can make a difference. Like “novels” vs “novel.” And hashtags can’t have spaces.

By noticing other tweeter’s hashtag words, you can stumble upon communities similar to a message board, like #amwriting, #writetip, #writegoal, or #writechat. These can be inserted in a tweet or simply tacked onto the end of a tweet.

Example: To reach your #writegoal you must face your fear of the blank page. #amwriting

How Hashtags Help You Gain Followers

Since your tweets are now visible to everyone around the world following that hashtag, you’ll have a lot more people click on your name to check out your profile. Tip: If you’re going to follow a hashtag, offer something of value rather than simply tweeting about yourself. In the two examples, the second tweet is stronger than the first. Tweets containing the word “I” are not retweeted nearly as often as tweets containing the word “you.” Unless the “I” tweet is downright funny. Humor is always welcome!

So, find a hashtag my friends, then go forth and be pithy and wise.

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  1. I use a lot of hash tags and follow a lot of the writing and reading topics on Twitter you mentioned.

  2. Yes, aren’t the # hash marks great? Stumbling onto that trick has opened my eyes to a whole new Twitter! See you on the #writing pages.

  3. Nancy Cohen says:

    Thanks, this is helpful. I’m still trying to figure out Twitter. Is there a listing of common hashtags anywhere? And how do you get all those share buttons on this site?

  4. Nancy, to find hash tags that will work for you, look for the search window in the right sidebar when you’re on your Twitter page. Experiment with turning words into hash tags, and see if you land on a popular one. As for the cute “share buttons” that appear at the bottom of my blog posts, I use a WordPress plugin called “SexyBookmarks.” It’s free and easy to add to any WordPress site.

  5. Great post. I just started using hashtags and have been able to connect with many more people with similar interests. I’ll have to remember your tip on ‘you’ vs ‘I’ tweets!

  6. Aren’t hashtags great! They really do help you connect with more people at Twitter. The other great Twitter tip is managing all your social networking through Love HootSuite!

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