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Pearl Island Gets a New Look

I have great news for fans of the Pearl Island series. I’m finishing up a new story, Lie to Me, which will be Book 4 in this popular series about the colorful St. Claire siblings who run a bed and breakfast in Galveston, Texas. In honor of the new release, I’ve decided to give the […]

Rocky Road to Launching At Last, the Soundtrack

If you read my last post, Making a Music Soundtrack for a Novel, you know At Last, my new ebook release from Amazon/Montlake, has a companion soundtrack. It includes eight romantic American standards that were recorded by the amazingly talented Barbara Calderaro specifically to go with the story (since my heroine is a singer). The […]

Indie Anthologies, the Wave of the Future?

Those of you who follow this blog won’t be at all surprised to hear I’m blazing yet another new trail in the ever-evolving ebook revolution. This time, however, I’m not going it alone. I’m traveling into uncharted territory with five of my closest author buddies by doing a multi-author, ebook anthology. For those of you […]

How Important are Cover and Price When Promoting Your Ebook? Very!

by USA Today bestselling author Julianne MacLean Thank you for inviting me here, Julie!  I am a huge fan of your work and am so grateful to you for all your generous contributions to the world of indie publishing. As I write this blog, I am in the midst of a two-week 99 cent sale […]

Romance Readers Weigh in on Covers from Print Book to eBook

Romance novel fans are some of the most opinionated readers when it comes to covers. Now that so many romances from the past are coming back as ebooks, I’m dying to hear what readers like to see in ebook covers. Here’s your chance to share your opinions. You’re likes and dislikes could help shape to […]

The Making of an eBook Cover

Curious to see what goes into making an eye-catching ebook cover? It’s not as easy as finding a great image and slapping the title and author name on top. To be effective, an ebook cover has to A) Grab attention — and be readable! — when viewed at thumbnail size, and B) Convey the genre […]

Designing Covers for Author Dara Girard

Since I designed my own cover for the ebook edition of Falling for You, I’ve had some authors ask if I’d design covers for them, as well. This thrills me for two reasons: 1) I love doing graphic design. That’s actually what I did professionally before I sold my first novel. 2) So many authors […]

Make Your Bookcover 3D!

Last night, I discovered the coolest site for downloading free templates that let you turn a flat book cover into something that looks 3D. I’ve added it to my Author Resources, but I think it’s so cool, I had to pop in and share the link here as well. It’s posted below, but here is […]

Vote for Your Favorite Cover

I’m entering the final stretch for re-releasing Falling for You as an ebook for Kindle and Nook, which means I have to finalize the cover. I love everything about the cover I designed, but I’m torn about which font to use for the title. So here are my top two picks. Option 1 is fun […]