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Pearl Island Gets a New Look

I have great news for fans of the Pearl Island series. I’m finishing up a new story, Lie to Me, which will be Book 4 in this popular series about the colorful St. Claire siblings who run a bed and breakfast in Galveston, Texas. In honor of the new release, I’ve decided to give the […]

The Power of Promoting eBooks as a Team

I just returned from the 2013 Novelists, Inc. conference in Myrtle Beach, SC and I’m more energized than ever by the opportunities available to authors. Not just indie ebook publishing, but audiobook creation, print on demand, and foreign markets. The merchandisers were there in force, talking directly with the authors about platforms they provide to […]

Turning eBooks into Audio Books

The next wave in my journey as an indie author is literally a wave. A sound wave. I’ve decided to turn my ebooks into audio books. When I started my indie journey in 2009, I never dreamed I’d be taking a step like this. On my own. Without a publisher. Because, I never dreamed I […]

A New Chapter Begins

When I started, I was a neophyte in self publishing and Internet marketing. My goal was to hack my way into the scary jungle, to blaze new trails, and to send back dispatches to help others find their way. The journey has been more exciting, and rewarding, than I ever dreamed possible.

My Journey as an Indie Author

It was a year ago this month that my world changed forever thanks to the ebook revolution. April 2011 was when my sales exploded. I have been reeling – in a good way – ever since. This journey, however, started long before that. It started in the fall of 2009. Back then, I had one […]

A Personal Note on Etta James’s Passing

Last Friday started out on a high note for me. After days of jumping through hoops to get the soundtrack to my novel, At Last, to go through, I discovered it was live at Amazon. Cause for celebration. I posted the news to Facebook and was about to post on Twitter when I heard the […]

Rocky Road to Launching At Last, the Soundtrack

If you read my last post, Making a Music Soundtrack for a Novel, you know At Last, my new ebook release from Amazon/Montlake, has a companion soundtrack. It includes eight romantic American standards that were recorded by the amazingly talented Barbara Calderaro specifically to go with the story (since my heroine is a singer). The […]

Working with Amazon as a Publisher

Since I accepted an offer from Montlake Publishing in October, many of my published author friends have been asking me what it’s like working with Amazon as a publisher. Like me, many of them have jumped into the indie-publishing pond, releasing backlist and frontlist as ebooks. Some of us have had amazing success. I know […]

Amazon and New Era in Publishing

I am thrilled to announce that I have accepted a very exciting deal with Montlake, Amazon’s new romance imprint, for the re-release of Unforgettable, one of my contemporary romance novels originally published by Signet Eclipse. I held back releasing this out-of-print title as an ebook on my own, because I wanted some way to finally […]

NINC Conference, 2011: The Ebook Gold Rush is on!

As with the historic Gold Rush of the 1800s, the the Ebook Gold Rush in unfolding in much the same way. Those of us who arrived early enjoyed a brief time in which striking a mother load was much easier. As the population out in the Wild West grows, the percentage of authors making a huge strike will become smaller, but, as new territories open up (more ereaders in the US and abroad) the overall amount of gold out there increases, providing opportunity for small but steady gold mines.